Laser Vision Correction

Laser eye surgery is a quick and painless procedure to restore vision so that glasses or lenses are no longer needed.


Am I Suitable?

Laser vision correction describes a number of different procedures. It is used to correct near-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hypermetropia), and astigmatism.

The techniques and type of laser used will depend on the condition to be corrected and our expert laser surgeons will choose the best technique to suit your eyes.

Most people are eligible for laser eye surgery. The best way to find if you are suitable is to book in for a consultation with our surgeons.

How it works

The Process

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We’ll take you through the process of eye surgery step by step and help you understand the procedure and make an informed decision.

Treatment plan

Our surgeons will personalise your treatment plan based on your current eye sight and visual requirements.

Preparing for surgery

Our experienced team will take you through the process and answer any questions you may have to put you at ease. Please arrange to have someone available to drive you home after.

The procedure

The procedure is not painful as anaesthetic drops are used to completely numb the surface of the eye. Both eyes are treated at the same time and the whole laser eye surgery typically takes around 10-15 minutes from start to finish.


You will need to arrange to have 5 days of downtime for recovery. We will also let you know what to do, for example avoiding rubbing your eyes, avoid contact with water, and stay away from dirt and dust. Most important is to wear sunglasses.

Follow up consult

After your laser eye surgery, we’ll support you and review you again to make sure your eyes are healing well and that you’re getting on well with your new vision.


About Laser Vision Correction

Laser vision correction alters the curvature and therefore focussing of your cornea. Your cornea is the clear dome on the front of your eye, overlying the coloured iris and dark central pupil. You can think of the cornea as the distance lens of the eye.

Whilst every type of eye procedure is different, and every patient is different what every patient has in common is how well the numbing (anaesthetic) drops work to make your eye pain free. You might feel a little pressure on or a little water around your eye. To feel any actual discomfort is rare.

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Still Have Questions?

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Is Laser Eye surgery permanent?

Laser eye surgery permanently reshapes the curvature of your cornea. There are rare occurrences of regression in the first three months, this can be corrected with an enhancement. Near vision, will, however, deteriorate in all people during their 40’s. This, age-related condition is known as presbyopia and occurs in all patients regardless of whether they are short or longsighted and regardless of if you have had laser eye surgery or not.

Does laser eye surgery hurt?

Before the procedure, we will put some anaesthetic drops in the eyes. You should not experience any pain or discomfort during the laser eye surgery procedure. During the first few days after your laser eye surgery, you may experience minor pain or some discomfort. We will give you oral medications and eye drops to make your recovery as comfortable as possible. Most patients comment on finding it much easier than they expected.

How quickly does it work?

The initial recovery following these procedures is generally quick – it may be as quick as the next day or within a few days depending on the type of procedure you have. Your eyesight will be checked during post-operative reviews. This is usually scheduled a day or two after the surgery.

How much does it cost?

This will depend upon what is required for you and if you have any coverage from a health fund. After the Ophthalmologist has seen you, we will be able to provide you with a quote.

What are the risks?

Laser eye surgery is a routine procedure, however, like any surgical procedure there are some potential risks. These may include

  • Dry eye that require eye drops.
  • Less than expected visual result that may require further enhancement
  • Serious complications are rare. These may include infections, Chance of having serious vision threatening complication is extremely small (less than 1%).

Here at Adelaide Eye Surgeons we do not take unnecessary risks with your eyes. Our procedures and state-of-the art equipment and experienced surgeons ensures you will be in good hands.

Can laser surgery get rid of my glasses and contact lenses?

For a vast majority of the patients, the answer is YES. It is impossible however to guarantee the exact result until we have discussed your individual needs and circumstances at your initial consultation with our specialised surgeons.

Founder and Surgeon at Adelaide Eye Surgeons

Dr Edward Greenrod

At Adelaide Eye Surgeons, our aim is to provide all South Australians with the best care for their eyes. We are experts in proven, advanced surgical treatments utilising modern technology. We specialise in cataract, cornea, glaucoma, laser and retinal surgery."

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